To get rid of this discomfort, use a localized treatment like antibacterial skin lotions with benzoyl peroxide. Dabbing the topical alternative on the affected areas at least twice a time can help get rid of the bacteria that trigger the zits. When you have to wear makeup, ensure that you select those that are not large on perfume or those that do not really contain too many chemicals. There are a variety of organic product-based cosmetics available for sale today and these will serve you better than the heavy-formulated ones. If you can do without cosmetics, though, the better for your skin layer. Acne treatments for combination skin will not work if you do not have the patience or the dedication to use them where they work.Tomatoes Don’t feel guilty about consuming that bowl of whole-wheat pasta; just slather it in tomato sauce to keep cholesterol in check. Tomatoes are bursting with lycopene, a plant compound which lowers LDL cholesterol amounts. Cooked and prepared tomatoes enhance lycopene absorption, so stock up on tomato juice, tomato soup and various other tomato-based treats. 9. Eggplant While eggplant may not immediately one thinks of when pondering cholesterol-reducing foods, this purple plant provides a multitude of health benefits, including controlling LDL cholesterol levels. In fact, some research has shown that including eggplant in meals lowers cholesterol by up to 30 % thanks to its high soluble fiber content material. Okra also falls in to the category of small known cholesterol-reducing veggies.