‘We are optimistic that complementary therapy will reduce unnecessary discomfort, disability and amputation even, which have become an unfortunate actuality for many diabetics.’ Diabetic patients develop chronic foot conditions frequently, like ulcers, as a result of peripheral neuropathy, which causes too little sensation of the low extremities. Misdiagnosed Often, these conditions can result in more serious complications, including amputations; however when caught early are treatable highly.‘Absorb is a leading example of Abbott’s commitment to advancing individual outcomes through innovative technology. Abbott has remained focused on meeting the growing doctor and individual demand for a bioresorbable vascular scaffold – from the original device developed nearly 10 years ago to the expansion of our manufacturing capabilities to aid this international start,’ stated John M. Capek, executive vice president, Medical Gadgets, Abbott. ‘We are proud to be the initial business to commercialize a drug eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffold, which includes the potential to revolutionize the real way physicians treat their patients with coronary artery disease.