‘With the Accent Dual Setting RF System patients see a big change in skin laxity rigtht after the procedure.’ Accent Dual Mode was developed by Alma Lasers Ltd., a leading developer and marketer of light-, laser – and radiofrequency-based aesthetic devices used in dermatology. Clinical trials of the technology demonstrated that Accent was especially effective in the treatment of pores and skin laxity in the throat. SOURCE JUVA Skin & Laser Center.. Accent Dual Setting RF System is definitely a much less invasive anti-aging skin care technology The common misconception among ladies in search of a ‘quick-fix’ solution to their tired, aging skin is to carefully turn to well-known injectables for a plumping and tightening-effect.Generally, improvement in the symptoms of pimples is seen in less than 30 days. Not surprisingly, this is becoming popular because it is an easy treatment, with most classes done in just over 10 minutes. The FDA has accepted LHE therapy for the treatment of moderate to moderate acne. While different kinds of light therapies may seem attractive, they can also be expensive, and may not be covered by most health insurance programs. If you are looking for an answer that is milder and less expensive, consider the many organic therapies that are offered. Some acne victims swear by certain herbal supplements, including dark currant seed oil, night primrose oil and others. Follow the instructions on the bottle or ask your physician or pharmacist for advice.