Data include instances of septicemia acquired within the community and during medical center stays. Some 27 % of cases were in sufferers age 45 to 64, nearly 11 % were in patients age 18 to 44 and only 1 1.6 % were in children age 1 to 17.. AHRQ finds septicemia as the utmost costly medical center condition in 2009 2009 Septicemia, an illness caused by blood infections with bacterias such as E. MRSA and coli, was the single most expensive condition treated in U.S. Hospitals at nearly $15.4 billion in 2009 2009, based on the latest Information and Quantities from the Company for Healthcare Research and Quality .These diseases will make you very sick. The pinch of a go isn’t nearly as bad as those illnesses. Making Antibodies Shots protect you giving you only a tiny little bit of a disease-causing germ or giving you a edition of the germ that is dead or very weak. Giving a complete germ that’s alive would give you a disease . But giving only this tiny, weakened, or dead section of the germ will not provide you with the disease. Instead, the opposite happens just. The body responds to the vaccine by making antibodies. These antibodies are part of your immune system, and they can fight the condition if you ever are exposed to that nasty germ.