Automatic for the whole market ‘For a pharmaceutical manufacturer on the other hand, in the most severe case normally it takes three a few months before they are able to supply products that are out of stock,’ says Heidi Dreyer at SINTEF Society and Technology. ‘For essential medications, such as with the bird flu and serious influenza epidemics, there may be advantages in cutting this time down. ‘The pharmaceutical companies themselves will profit by being better able to supply products quicker.’ When the extensive study researchers commenced the AUTOMED project three years ago, they wanted to integrate this demand and create a system where automatic product supplies could connect with the entire pharmaceutical industry, like the pharmaceutical manufacturers.Once pneumonia can be confirmed by the physician, the tool automatically provides a calculated severity assessment and also management recommendations, which include diagnostic tests and antibiotic selection, predicated on current North American pneumonia treatment guidelines. Due to the complexity of pneumonia, physicians can't quickly make consistent decisions that follow current treatment recommendations, said lead author Nathan Dean, MD, a chief and pulmonologist of critical care medicine at Intermountain INFIRMARY. The total result, doctors have to depend on their unaided judgment on how to best treat pneumonia sufferers.