Summa Health Program is among the largest integrated health care delivery systems in Ohio . Encompassing a network of hospitals, community wellness centers, a health plan, a physician-hospital company, a multi-specialty physician company, research and multiple foundations, Summa is normally nationally renowned for excellence in individual care and for remarkable approaches to healthcare delivery. Improving performance and individual satisfaction Summa Health System chosen a portfolio of digital radiography solutions in large part due to the personalized consultation supplied by Agfa HealthCare to make a strategic upgrade program to DR systems.

The response was evaluated structured by MR or CT images taken within one month of radiotherapy completion. Following completion of the planned treatment routine including adjuvant chemotherapy, CT, or MR pictures were repeated every three to four months for the initial two years, and every four to six months thereafter. Outcomes: This study was unique in that the radiation therapy increase technique used for the majority of the sufferers in the study was characterized by three-dimensional conformal methods, while other high dosage radiation therapy trials utilized conventional two-dimensional ways. Resulting side effects by radiation therapy were much lower in milder and incidence in severity.