Goldman hopes to conduct follow-up research to learn more about how plague exploits PLA.. A plasminogen-activating protease controls the development of primary pneumonic plague specifically The deadly attack of the bacterium that causes pneumonic plague is significantly slowed when it can’t make use of a key protein, scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis record in Science. Acceleration is a main concern in pneumonic plague, which kills in three to four days and could be utilized in a terrorist attack potentially.AHRQ report shows highest hospital readmission rates among Medicaid patients One of every 10 adult Medicaid patients who were hospitalized in 2007 for a medical condition other than childbirth had to be readmitted at least one time within thirty days of their preliminary hospital stay that season, according to the latest News and Figures from the Company for Healthcare Analysis and Quality. The federal agency’s analysis shows that these Medicaid individuals were 70 % much more likely to end up being readmitted at least one time within 30 days, compared with their privately insured counterparts.