Five inspirational organisations from Malawi, Bangladesh, Mali, Kenya, and Colombia recognised by GSK and Save the young children A simple low-cost gadget that helps newborn infants to breathe and has the potential to transform the life chances for a large number of African infants has been awarded the highest fund in the initial GSK and Save the kids $1 million Healthcare Advancement Award. The life-saving kit, called a ‘bubble’ Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, or ‘bCPAP’, is used to help babies in respiratory distress, which is due to acute respiratory infections like pneumonia often .

Dendritic cellular material proved capable of producing an immune response when presenting meso tumor antigens and the existing study intends to check the feasibility and safety of this approach. Popular on the heels of meso-specific serum biomarker announcements in past due 2004 and early 2005, researchers at USC beneath the path of Dr. Ite Laird-Offringa received a grant to keep investigating diagnostic markers for meso. USC programs to make use of DNA microarray chips to pre-screen 6500 serum markers using the MethyLight analytical system. Tissue samples would be examined to identify specific molecular markers found in meso tumor specimens with an eye to developing new serum assessments to aid early analysis of the malignancy. The molecular understanding of the individual genome has allowed experts to undertake much more exact and tactical interventions against meso.