Six men who received zoledronic acid and 11 men who received placebo had a number of clinical vertebral or nonvertebral fractures during the study , however the between-group difference was not significant. By using the observed results in the HORIZON studies,13,14 Bayesian analyses suggested that zoledronic acid may reduce the risk of scientific fractures among men . Bone Density As compared with placebo, zoledronic acid was associated with sustained and significant boosts in bone mineral density at the lumbar spine, total hip, and femoral throat over a 24-month period .With its flexibility and improved visualization capabilities, Discovery Studio 3.1 allows computational experts to develop sophisticated predictive models and communicate them clearly to scientists who need them to recognize leads and optimize candidates. In addition to the spatial aggregation propensity code, Discovery Studio 3.1 features an updated Visualizer system with significant improvements to its 3D-molecular plug-in, Discovery Studio ActiveX Control. Now, leveraging the ActiveX plug-in with Visualizer’s easy storyboard functionality, computational modeling experts can quickly and efficiently share interactive 3D visualizations of small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, crystal structures and pharmacophore models with colleagues. Available as a free of charge download with Discovery Studio Visualizer, the new ActiveX viewer enables scientists to insert powerful molecular visualizations into webpages, slideshows and other presentation formats while providing the flexibleness to change chemistry and data displays on-the-fly also.