A few of the given information available in the documents includes, but is not really limited to: A standard description of WOC nursing.A discussion of the art of WOC nursing.A listing of the responsibilities of the WOC nurse as an advocate.An overview of the part played by the WOC nurse in disease administration.A review of the ethics and values expected of these who practice in this area.A review of certain requirements linked to WOC nursing and professional accountability.An identification of the specific steps mixed up in WOC nursing process, such as: assessing trends within populations, defining problems, identifying outcomes, setting up and implementing improvement strategies, and evaluating the results.A framework for providing individual care that is founded on the assessed needs of the average person, current guidelines, and ongoing evaluation of patient outcomes.Miller, MD, MBA. Advances will start accepting manuscripts by the finish of the summer with studies to be published by late 2015. Miller is Professor of Radiation Oncology at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fla.; Medical Director of Mayo Clinic Functions in Northfield, Minn.; and Vice Chair of the Table of Trustees for Mayo Clinic Wellness System Albert Lea-Austin. Developments can be ASTRO's third peer-reviewed scientific journal, signing up for the International Journal of Radiation Oncology * Biology * Physics and Practical Radiation Oncology .