To learn more on the regulation of drinking water supplies on airplanes and to view publicly obtainable testing data, head to:.. Aircraft drinking water assessments positive for E.coli The Environmental Protection Agency today is informing the American public of results from initial testing of normal water onboard 158 randomly selected passenger airplanes. Preliminary data released by EPA today shows that in the recent lab tests, the majority of the aircraft examined met EPA normal water quality standards. However, 12.6 % of international and household passenger aircraft tested in the U. S. Carried water that didn’t meet EPA standards. Within enforcement actions, EPA, during and September 2004 August, randomly tested the drinking water items on 158 aircraft.Smog was getting therefore thick that a huge %age of Chinese citizens owned and utilized masks with high filtration rankings whenever pollution alerts were broadcast, which has been often. You’ve probably seen many of those photos with people wearing masks while strolling about in Chinese cities. They were frequently publicized as people trying to avoid obtaining the latest influenza epidemics, however they are simply as common as gloves in winter to minimize breathing in atmosphere pollutants. Another exemplory case of just how much the Chinese government provides adapted to pressure from citizens and environmental activist groupings may be the fact that the amount of particulate matter, PM2.5, which can be an indicator of toxicity in the air, is easily available to the public now.