Aircraft tank water is used in the galleys and lavatory sinks. Initial testing of onboard water products revealed 20 aircraft with positive results for total coliform bacteria, with two of the aircraft testing positive for E also. Coli. Following those lab tests, EPA announced that further testing would happen, and initiatives were undertaken to attain agreements with airlines to more closely monitor drinking water quality on planes. Related StoriesGene study reveals what sort of strain of E. Coli evolved to become fatal infectionIntravenous PEG-asparaginase use recommended in paediatric ALLDrug-resistant E potentially. Coli infections increasing in community hospitalsIn EPA’s second round of water quality sampling, 169 aircraft were examined.Congress is afraid to permanently repeal the SGR because without it now, they fear you will have no control on the quantity and intensity of doctor services whatsoever, [Stuart Guterman, vice president and executive director of the Commission on a higher Performance Health System at The Commonwealth Fund] said . The Medicare NewsGroup: Docs Spared From Fee Cuts In Fiscal Cliff Deal, But Say Permanent Repair Needed There's bi-partisan agreement that the SGR formula, passed into legislation with the Balanced Spending budget Take action of 1997, is flawed. Congress has passed 12 short-term patches since 2003 to keep carefully the formula from entering effect.